The EZ OUTREACH package was designed for small non profit organizations, that need to keep in contact with their community, membership and supporters, about their ongoing mission and upcoming events. We understand how hard it is to come up with a budget to promote your events - but what if you could do that promotion without having to hire graphics or web professionals

That's EXACTLY what the EZ OUTREACH package was created to do! We have developed a user friendly back-end interface that allows you to control every facet of your marketing. With this package you'll be able to:

Keep your website updated automatically

Create flyers, emails and postcards

Create newsletters

Create calendars and have them update automatically

Upload Audios - and distribute them via iTunes as a podcast

Add videos, either by uploading them to yourself, or adding them from Youtube

Handle online payments

Create a database of your membership, for targeted campaigns

And much more....

And the best part is that each site's front end look is individually tailored to meet your organization's Aesthetic and goals. So, please click here to learn more about how this package works - or just email me directly at

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