Classes and Events

The centerpiece of the EZ package is event creation! Let's say you have a famous speaker coming to talk, normally you'd have to take time or spend money creating flyers, media rich emails and postcards to publicize the event. With the EZ package all you do is enter your site management area, and enter the details of the event - the time, date, title, cost, information, a tag line for your marketing and where you want it to appear on your website.

And that's it - you're done!

Flyers will be automatically generated, that you can print off yourself, or send to a printer as a PDF. The same with postcards. Email code will be generated, so you can send out marketing emails. The EZ Package integrates with other popular existing online email management programs like and silverpop.

The event is added to your website. You can choose where it goes - on the homepage, special events page, the weekly events page and the calendar - the event can be listed in any and all of these options.

Also, the EZ Package integrates with whatever online payment system you want - from something as simple as paypal, to something as high end as Your community or membership will be able to register and pay directly online. It's even possible to set up multiple payment options, for example, one cost for an adult, another for a child and another for a family.

With our advanced text editor, you can format the text in anyway you want, using any font, size or color you choose - you can even add in links to PDFs or other websites.

Staff and About your organization

It's easy to keep your staff pages updated with the EZ Package. With our top of the line text editor you can write up bios of your staff, add in pictures, links to their websites and add contact information. The same applies for your about us section.

However, the flexibility of the EZ Package allows you to turn pages off and on at will, if you don't want to feature them on your site.


Keeping your community up to date is headache free with the EZ Package - you can either use our text editor to create it directly on the website (it works much ike word does). If you'd prefer - just upload a PDF and the newsletter page automatically links to it for you.

Gallery, MP3s and Movies.

Updating the gallery is simplicity itself - just use our easy upload guide on how to upload your pictures, MP3s or movies. The front end pages automatically configure everything for you!

You want to include a youtube video - then no problem, just cut and paste the code from the youtube video page that they provide for you, into your management tool.

Want to reach more people with your MP3s? It's easy as pie with the EZ package - at a click of a button you have an rss feed (the vital component you need to list your MP3s on iTunes).

Knowledge is Power

With the EZ Package - you have the knowledge of who's attending what events. You'll know what events are popular, what generates the most income, keep tabs on your supporters, their pledges and donations. You cann track campaigns from start to finish and maximize your fundraising programs.

Want anything else - let us know, I'm sure we can work it out, no matter what it is. We work closely with you to make sure you're 100% comfortable working with the site, and won't leave you the minute the work is done. We'll hold your hand and walk you through everything. We offer you an individual personalized service - Of course, we've created an easy to use user manual for the site that should walk you through 99% of your needs - but we're there if that fails. We'll give you 100% to make sure you walk away happy - which is the best and only form of advertising we believe in!

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